“Tell me the story of how the moon loved the sun so much, he died every night just to let her breathe”
Chief Editor
The story that inspired the Mahina & Ikala watches by Tighes Timepieces.
This is a legend as old as time, it is a great love story of Mahina the Moon and his eternal devotion to Ikala, the Sun. It tells how early one spring morning, too long ago to remember, Mahina the Moon observed a breathtaking light rising in the distance. He gazed with wonder as the Sun, Ikala, stretched her brilliance across the Earth, bringing warmth and life to everything below. Despite wanting to stay and bask in Ikala’s glowing presence Mahina knew he could not deprive the Earth of her loving embrace. So, with a final glance, he disappeared from view.

Ikala had seen Mahina many times and looked upon him with love but could not help but wonder why he left as she appeared from her slumber. Then one morning Ikala appeared and beheld Mahina directly in front of her, hiding the Earth from her view.

Quickly, Ikala asked Mahina, “Why is it every time we pass at dawn and dusk you leave with nothing but a sigh?”

Mahina basked in Ikala’s radiance and smiled, “Don’t you know that my love for you is eternal. When I leave it is only so that you may live and share your light with the world.”

Ikala watched as Mahina moved slowly away again but not before she heard him say “Our time is precious but it is a timeless love. Just as it is my place to light the weary traveler in the night, you must illuminate the day. Be patient Ikala, we shall see each other again when the time is right.”

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